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We understand how quickly the bills can add up and how daily living expenses get out of hand. You may not even be living an extravagant lifestyle yet feel trapped by the basic day to day expenses that never stop.

Rent or mortgage repayments, telephone bills, utility bills, car maintenance school fees and excursions, and loan repayments are expenses that come every month. For some people, their income can just manage the basics, but is not enough to purchase everyday needs like food, clothes and fuel.

If you are in this situation, we have a smart and effective way top help you manage your income and expenses with the aim to help you save and accelerate your way out of debt.

Introducing the  Money Buckets Bank Account System

Below is a typical budget for a struggling family trying to make ends meet for two
adults and 2 children living in Sydney (2015).
In this case they are completing a weekly budget. They are renting and have 1 car.

Household Budget Money Bucket Infographic Fast Debt Help


Family wages per week $1670
Static Costs per week
Rent and living costs for family of 4 with 1 car, child care, utilities, loans $1033
Variable Costs per week
Food, clothes, transport, entertainment, incidentals $525
Total Costs: $1033 + $525 =


This Family is in front - they have a surplus of $102 per week = over $400 per month


Family Wages per week $1670
Static & Variable Costs per week $1558
Surplus Money Every Week =
52 Weeks X Surplus Money Every Week =


Fast Debt Help assisted this couple in showing them that having a surplus every week can add up to a lot of money at the end of a year. They can save over $5000 in one year by sticking to a reasonable budget.

This family is well on their way to getting out of debt and claiming a brighter future.

If you would like a Fast Debt Help Specialist to help you budget and consolidate some of your debts to enable you to save for a brighter future, then please call 1800 825 010.

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