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Home loans and mortgages

Home Loans and Mortgages can be broken up into different categories that reflect the different circumstances and needs of the Borrower. Different Banks and Lenders specialise in these particular needs.  For example, there is no point going to see a bank to refinance a Tax debt or if your credit has become impaired. Even if you have just started a new Job or Business, a bank will generally say no to a home loan, but there are plenty of other options available.

If you need to refinance a home and you are in Financial Difficulty, we would initially bring the situation under control with a Non Conforming home loan and perhaps a debt solution if necessary. Then after a year or two of good repayments, we are in a position to improve the Interest Rates to the best available again. Depending on your circumstances. So you are not locked into a non conforming loan forever, it is a transition period to get things back under control.

The following categories are the most common Mortgage situations that we are asked to help with - Including if you have good credit and would just like to see if you can save some money and pay things off earlier. However the the list of situations is endless and we generally have a solution for the need.

Difficult Refinancing
Non-Conforming Home Loans

Consolidate debt using the equity in your home - even if you've been knocked-back by the banks or have bad credit.
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Self Employed and Lo Doc Loans

Refinance or new finance can be available even if you have just started a new business or new job. Sometimes just being self employed is an obstacle we can remove.
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Business Loans

Either secured against your property or existing assets, business loans are certainly an option available either when you are growing or consolidating.
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Investment Loans

Are you now keen to purchase a second property or to access cash for other investment opportunities? It is possible if you have equity and income.
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Refinancing to save Money and Time

Once your debts are under control, refinancing will help improve your financial position and cash flow for other dreams.
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New Home Loans

Buying your first home or moving to a different home? It can be done with competitive rates.
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Reverse Mortgages

You own your own home, but are at retirement age with little income.
You may still be able to release the equity in your home without having to worry about repayments.
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