Consolidate debt using the equity in your home - even if you've been knocked-back by the banks - through mortgages.

If you have a blemish on your credit file, are self employed with financials that are not up to date, or have a debt to the tax department, refinancing your home loan through traditional lenders may be challenging.

Most banks have their hands tied by inflexible Credit Policies. This means that any previous late payments, mortgages in arrears or rates will result in an automatic refusal to refinance your home.

Refinancing Tax Debt into a home loan is generally a No-No with Banks

At Fast Debt Help we have relationships with lenders that see things a little differently. Through this network of lenders, we can often work around any potential issues and get your Home Loan approved - even when everyone else has said 'no'.

Once approved and all your debts have been consolidated into the new home loan, repayments are usually far less than what you are currently paying on cards and personal loans.So your overall situation is greatly improved.

By taking a personal approach and considering all your options Fast Debt Help will assist in your home loan approval every step of the way.

Answers to questions you may have


Most banks will not lend against your home if you have defaults on your credit file, you owe money for Tax, you haven't paid your rates or other bills are running late.

Even though once you consolidate your loans everything is more affordable, they consider this too big a risk to refinance you.

A company that will refinance your debts and take that risk into consideration is said to be offering a Non Conforming Home Loan.

The Interest rate is determined by the risk the Lender has taken to approve your loan. The amount of loans that default when people have experienced financial troubles is considerably higher than normal, and the interest rate reflects the risk involved. Even if you have perfect credit a bank may still charge a higher interest rate for loans they deem to be riskier. Those advertised extra low interest rates are only available to a very select perfect situation on residential property. Quite often it is not that much higher than you may have been able to get anyway.

No! If you make the repayments promptly and on time for a couple of years, (sometimes earlier) we will look at refinancing you into the best rate available at the time. A Non Conforming Loan should just be a transition period for you to get into a better position. As circumstances improve so will your ability to get lower interest rates. This applies to clean credit finance as well.

While the Interest rate is a little bit higher than a normal Home Loan it can be considerably cheaper than a car loan, credit cards or other debts. The consolidation of debts over a longer period of time should drop your repayments substantially on what you are making now. This will put you into a much better financial position for your day to day living expenses.

Also if your debts are running late, you need to address the situation before it escalates into a mess. We are obliged to make sure the refinancing of your debts, puts you in a much better and more secure financial position than before. This can quite often mean the difference between keeping your home or losing everything.

You will need to have good equity in your home, (generally in excess of 20%) and the income to make the new repayments and meet your normal household expenses.

You will need to be able to show that you have been making payments to what you can afford.