Keeping your home

Plan how to secure your home and home loan when debts seem out of control.

If you have a home and are worried about keeping it due you own your Home Loan and Debts getting out of hand, Fast Debt Help can help you.

You may be concerned because you fit one of these scenarios:

  • You are self employed and your contract has finished, or you don't get paid on time
  • your tax bills are arriving that you weren't planning on
  • you are unemployed or have health issues that are affecting your income for a period of time therefore causing late bill payments
  • a relationship breakup has caused problems

If you are in any of these positions, there may be several options available to you.

If you have large unsecured Debts like Personal Loans, Credit Cards, Tax and Car Accidents, a Debt Agreement or Informal arrangement may be enough to fix it. Generally speaking this won't affect your existing Home Loan or Car Loan arrangements and may be sufficient to get you back on track.

Where this is not suitable and there is Equity in your property, a consolidation of all your debts  may put you in a better Financial Position on an affordability basis. See Non Conforming Home Loans. Even including your car into a total consolidation package against the value of your home along with all other Debts can put things back into a manageable position. We can even negotiate some unsecured debts down to make this achievable if you are finding yourself in Financial Hardship and not able to borrow enough to consolidate.

If Fast Debt Help can establish that consolidating all your loans puts you in a better Financial position, with a new more affordable payment, even if you've fallen behind, there are Lenders who will help. They'll let you put a bad experience behind you and move on.

With the value of property rising, we are now finding home owners that have had to do a Debt Agreement, finding that the equity in their property has increased dramatically since they needed help. They may now be in a position to Refinance their home, to payout their Debt Agreement early and include a car, a renovation or fix a family emergency.

Contact Fast Debt Help to have a look at your situation.


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