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Case Study When A Family Member Gets You In Debt

11/8/2017 2:15:06 PM Debt Consolidations Case Study: When a Family Member Gets You In Debt

Michelle went guarantor for her Sons Business. Her son’s business has gone broke, now the Creditors are chasing mum for $157,000 and demanding full payment. They are threatening to move on Michelle's home. Michelle has her own cards and additional loans to pay as well, they total $29,000. Michelle's Home loan is down to $76,500 it was nearly paid off. Michelle had been trying to help hers son with extra money to keep his business afloat and has let some of her Bills run late. The bank would not consolidate the Debts even though her home is worth $600,000

Fast Debt Help prepared and presented her case to one of our specialist lenders.

They consolidated all the Debts and Michelle just had one payment of $1398 per month.

case study family member in debt
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